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Voluntary Supplemental Benefits

SUPPLEMENTAL Benefits – Customer-friendly
What is Voluntary Supplemental Benefits?

This is essentially a type of secondary insurance package that covers expenses that are not covered by a primary insurance. Having supplement benefits allows policy holders more freedom in terms of visiting doctors and various facilities that provide health care services such as diagnostics and treatment.

Who it is For

Senior citizens are officially entitled to receive government-sponsored benefits that cover basic health care. A supplemental-style insurance pays for various medical expenses that are simply not covered by the insurance packages that are issued by state and federal governments. People of working age who have chronic illnesses can also benefit from buying this insurance that provides financial relief on hefty medical expenses.

How it Works

A primary insurance is usually billed for medical expenses that are charged in the name of an insured person. Any outstanding balance would then be transferred over to the secondary insurance that is considered to be supplemental. Therefore, a patient essentially ends up paying nothing or very little for a medical bill that had initially been very expensive. Some supplemental-type insurance can even cover cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance and overall health of a person.

Different Types of Coverage in Existence

Supplemental Benefits is designed to pay for hospitalization and emergency room visits that are typically not fully covered under a primary insurance. Outpatient health care can also be covered under a supplemental-style insurance plan. For example, weekly visits to physical therapy sessions are considered to be outpatient appointments. Lastly, this insurance can be used to purchase brand-name drugs that are available only by a prescription from a doctor. Some primary insurance policies only cover generic drugs that are simply not appealing to customers. A supplemental-type policy also eliminates any co-payments for prescription medication.

Major Benefits

People who have this type of insurance package can visit any medical specialist without worrying about hefty co-payments. Additionally, there is some peace of mind in dealing with medical emergencies that might end up costing a lot of money. From urgent care to outpatient services, this insurance plan significantly reduces medical bills for policy holders.