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Recreational Vehicle

RV Insurance is Recreational Vehicle Insurance

The first thing you should do after buying an RV is purchase recreational vehicles insurance. Insurance is a requirement in every state, so that’s the main reason you need it. But it also provides financial help for many common accidents and injuries that can take place in an RV. If you are preparing to travel in your RV, then learn how this insurance works.

RV insurance is a combination of home and auto insurance. It has many things in common with both types of insurance. It covers some or all of the costs when the RV or your possessions are damaged, stolen or vandalized. This coverage will also help when your RV breaks down during travel, and you have no place to stay.

Add On Coverage
Recreational vehicle owners can purchase additional coverage that extends beyond basic accidents and injuries. There is “full timer” coverage that treats the RV as your home. This is basically like homeowners insurance for an RV. Coverage can also extend to personal belongings inside the RV. There is also vacation liability insurance, which extends coverage to campsites if someone is injured or your property is damaged.

You need to speak with an insurance agent to discuss recreational vehicle insurance premiums. Different things will affect the amount of the premium. For example, if your RV is only used once a year, and has safety features and is stored in a safe location, then you will have lower premiums than an RV driven constantly. Your driving record will also affect how much the insurance will cost you.