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Renters Insurance

Insurance for Renters – Renters Insurance

Renters are people who rent their living space instead of buying. This space could be a house or an apartment. No matter the location, people who rent need insurance to protect their possessions from theft or a natural disaster. Renters insurance is available to anyone who rents an apartment or home.

The insurance policy for renters covers personal belongings and provides some liability coverage. It may also pay for you to live elsewhere temporarily when your residence becomes uninhabitable.

This type of policy is for anyone who lives in a residential unit that they don’t own. This applies to a house, apartment, condo or dorm. The landlord or person who owns the property will have insurance for the structure. But that insurance does not extend to tenants.

How it Works

Renters insurance is like your typical property/casualty insurance. When a covered event occurs, such as theft or fire, you file an insurance claim. An agent will then visit to determine the extent of your loss. The company will then offer you a payment minus deductibles.

These policies are standard. They all cover the same basic things, but you might be able to add riders to cover things the policy doesn’t.


The benefit of renters insurance is you get coverage for your belongings. Now you don’t have to worry about theft, fire or disability. You might even add liability coverage and loss of use coverage as well. The premiums are also usually small and affordable for most renters.