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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Info for Boaters

Do you know that boat owners need insurance just like people who own cars? Boat insurance is not required by law, but it makes sense to get that protection. It doesn’t matter if you take your boat to the lake once a year or travel the coastline for months. You need insurance to protect your finances, boat, and passengers.

Boat Owners and Coverage

Boat owners need coverage that is specifically for boats. Some owners assume one of their other policies will cover their boat. It’s true some home and car policies can be upgraded to include a boat. But most policies do not cover any watercraft that has an engine. That means you need at least basic coverage for your boat – if it has an engine.

Included Coverage

Boat insurance usually covers damage to the boat, your belongings on the boat, and the trailer that transports the boat. Your policy should also pay medical expenses if the injuries involve the boat. A general liability clause might be included that protects you from legal claims due to accidents and injuries.

Locating a Good Policy

You need to speak with their insurance provider. The provider will give you more information on the best policy for your situation. Some variables taken into consideration will include where the boat will be used, stored, and its size. You should also learn about additional coverage that might be beneficial.