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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Facts for Drivers

Motorcyclists need insurance coverage the same as automobile owners. In most states, you can’t legally drive a motorcycle without at least having liability insurance coverage. But anyone who drives a motorcycle should consider full coverage. You’re more exposed and vulnerable to injuries during an accident. That’s why liability coverage might not be enough. Here are some types of insurance available to motorcyclists.


Collision coverage pays for repairs or to replace your totaled motorcycle if you caused an accident. You might also be allowed to use your collision coverage for repairs if somebody else caused the accident.


If you cause an accident on your motorcycle, then liability helps with several expenses. Liability will pay for medical bills of the other party, plus their property damage. Also look into guest coverage for anybody riding the bike with you. It helps to get the highest liability limits you can afford.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Not everyone has insurance. When you’re in an accident with someone who isn’t covered, it can cost you dearly. This option pays for personal injury damages if you’re injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist. If they have the minimum liability coverage, then your insurance will pay the remainder if you have underinsured motorist coverage.

Optional coverage

If your bike is custom built, then you should consider optional coverage for specialty parts.


Comprehensive coverage is important because it covers damage to your bike not caused by a collision. This type of coverage helps if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized or involved in an accident not involving another person.

Total Loss

Total loss coverage is good to have if your bike is totaled. Instead of paying the actual value of your current bike, total loss pays the MSRP for the current make and model of your bike.

Other options are available so speak with an insurance agent about coverage.