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Community Cause


Did you know that, at this very moment, right here in our community, thousands of individuals, children, nonprofit organizations and families are in great need of help? In our agency, we have a heart for helping others through everyday efforts. It’s not because we are philanthropists, it’s because we are NEIGHBORS.

We know we can offer some relief through our agency’s operations, and so here we are. We ask for referrals because for EACH quote we deliver, we offer to make a donation to someone facing hardship. We are not afraid of rejection simply because lives depend on our courage. We will not be stopped by judgment because we understand the work that needs to be done cannot wait for one single giving season each year. Our mission is to make our community’s well-being part of our JOB, year-round.

If we are so passionate about protecting YOU (and we are), we really couldn’t leave out the people who are around you, could we? After all, YOU ARE COMMUNITY!

That’s why we volunteered to become part of the national #AgentsofChange movement, which now empowers our agency’s own Community Cause Program to carry the flag of hope, relief and opportunity for local folks facing a tough time.


We believe we can have all of our campaigns SOLELY FUNDED BY OUR AGENCY… by simply REWARDING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Of course, donations can be made directly to supported organizations, but we are happy to use our own agency’s money and do that on your behalf, instead!


We know our hearts are not the only ones to break when made aware of real people going through real suffering not too far from us. And we sure can do much to change things for them. We look forward to together, helping our community live well and thrive!


Garland Boyd

The Boyd Agency

October 30, 2023

Hope Kids NY, a beacon in Queens, works tirelessly to overcome educational barriers for students. By supplying crucial materials and nurturing environments, they profoundly impact young lives. Their dedication aligns with our values, making them ideal partners in our mission to uplift and empower our youth.

August 2, 2023

Imagine a classroom where every dream is a possibility. Awesome, right? But far too often, schools lack quality education materials. And this makes it difficult for teachers and students to work to their best. Our team here at the Boyd Agency believes everyone should have the right and privilege to receive the best education possible. […]

May 1, 2023

Project Hope Charities is an incredible organization that offers a range of programs to combat poverty and hunger, support disadvantaged youth, provide educational assistance, and much more! These include food distribution programs, educational assistance, employment training, and more!

February 2, 2023

Project Hope Charities is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those in need. This noble organization provides various services, including food, clothing, and medical assistance. What’s more, they offer educational and recreational activities for children and adults. The lovely staff and volunteers strive to create a safe and supportive environment for those in need.

October 31, 2022

At Boyd Agency, we’re always looking for new ways to lend a hand to those in need. We’re currently concentrating our efforts on helping local veterans and other service members who have sustained severe injuries or significant stress while serving their country. Fortunately, Canine Companions is a local organization to provide disabled veterans with service […]

July 29, 2022

Our team here at the Boyd Agency is constantly looking for ways to offer a helping hand to those who need it most. In this Community Cause campaign cycle, we’re focusing our efforts on supporting veterans and other service members in our community who have been seriously injured or have suffered tremendous stress during their […]

Hope Starts Here
January 31, 2022

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that sowed love and hope. In this kingdom, folks came together to help vulnerable families and children and empower them to become protagonists of their future. This kingdom is called Giving Friends. Giving Friends is a NY-based grassroots non-profit founded over 25 years ago by Lynne Corry. […]

A Gift of Hope!
July 28, 2021

Giving Friends is a NY non-profit that has expanded from a seasonal toy-drive initiative to a year-round program. Their goal is to give hope and smiles to families living in homeless shelters, in underserved communities, in foster care, or in substance and alcohol recovery-based programs. In fact, founder Lynne Corry was homeless and battling addiction […]

They Depend on Our Support
January 26, 2021

As #AgentsofChange, our team at the Boyd Agency has pledged to represent and support our local community, vowing to use our resources to serve others. As we continue to fulfill this promise, we want to offer our support to food-insecure families in our area. Health and wellness is key to our survival and happiness and […]

Taking A Stand Against Childhood Cancer
July 29, 2020

Here at the Boyd Agency, we are committed to creating positive change in our community, taking a stand, and making a difference in the lives of others. That is why we have decided to take a stand against childhood cancer. Every year more, than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer. For families, this is an […]