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Preventing Pediatric Cancer

Just last week, a study was released by the Centers for Disease Control that shows pediatric cancer rates in the New York area are one of the highest in the country, and over 30% higher than the national average. This is an epidemic affecting thousands of families in our community, and those numbers are climbing every year.

Our team at the Boyd Agency will be making a concerted effort to help families affected by childhood cancers, and to do everything we can to reduce the number of new pediatric cancer cases diagnosed in New York. To accomplish this difficult goal, we’ve joined the #AgentsofChange movement and taken on the role of Ambassador to our community here in Queens.

United Against Childhood Cancer

On an ongoing basis, our team will be working with a series of nonprofit organizations, charitable causes, and support agencies throughout the region. Our goals will be to provide support and hope to families afflicted by cancer, to help fund cancer prevention programs, and to make resources available to those who are researching causes and cures for cancer.

This is a big job, and we need lots of help to get it done.

Come and Join Our Team

We need help from people in Queens and all of New York to help bring down these cancer statistics, and we’re not asking for donations. Actually, quite the opposite.

We want you to help us spread the word about this campaign and let people know how committed we are to fighting against pediatric cancer. If you refer a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or loved one into our firm for a complimentary insurance appraisal, we will gladly issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local initiative to help fight childhood cancer.

Help Us End Childhood Cancer

That’s all there is to it. Let people know what we’re doing, and we’ll make a donation in your name to help fight pediatric cancer. We hope you’ll join us, and we look forward to working with you.


Garland Boyd

The Boyd Agency

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