Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Leaking Roof? - Boyd Agency

By Garland Boyd | December 12, 2018

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Leaking Roof?

Garland Boyd: Hi, my name is Garland Boyd, and I’m the agent here in Boyd Agency located 22209 Jamaica Avenue in Queens Village, New York. And I’m making this video today because I often get this question all the time. Will my homeowner’s policy cover my leaking roof? And the simple answer to that question is, it depends. If that leak is as a result of a sudden and accidental covered loss, yes it will be covered underneath your homeowner’s policy. However, if the roof is just old and needs to be changed, and it’s a maintenance issue, insurance polices are not maintenance policies. I hope that helped somebody out today. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a buzz here in my office. My telephone number is 718-264-2900. Have a great day.